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Energy for Development (EfD) was a network for activities related to energy in developing countries at Risø DTU, The National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy, a part of the Technical University of Denmark - DTU.

The EfD Network was  originally established on 1 January 2004,  and implemented jointly by the departments of Systems Analysis (SYS), Wind Energy (VEA) and Biosystems (BIO). These departments already had well-established research programmes and competences, including various aspects of energy, at the national and international level. EfD brought these competences together with a focus on energy issues in developing countries. The UNEP Risø Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development is now part of the Department of Management Engineering, DTU.

Past and present activities include:

UNEP Risø Centre
Department of Management Engineering
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Building 142, P.O. Box 49
DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark
Tel +45 4632 2288
Fax +45 4632 1999

tel: +45 46 77 51 71 (Gordon Mackenzie)
fax:+ 45 46 32 19 99


The EfD network is no longer operational.



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